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Download and Installation

These are the Options you have
  • Download from the Orchard gallery. If you do this from within the Orchard administration panel there is also an Option to directly install it.
  • Download from here. Go to the download page
  • Download source or clone the repository


  1. Install the calendar widget.
  2. Create at least one content type that will represent calendar events or extend an existing one.
    • Add at least the Title part and the Calendar Event Definition part to these content types
  3. Create a query that selects the events for display
  4. Place the widget onto your website. Configure it so it will use the query you defined earlier

The widget will use the query to select the calendar events for display. The title and the Calendar Event Definition part will be used for displaying the events.

NOTE: Earlier Versions of the Calendar Widget installed the Time Span part. This part is now obsolete. It will still work but you should not use it anymore as it will not support any new functionality.


Features included(+) or that might come in future releases(-)
+ Event Title, Start, End
+ All Day Events
+ New with Version 1.5: URL for the Event. Enter any URL or EDIT or VIEW to use the Standard item links for viewing or editing respectively.

- Event classes, maybe with colorization
- Repeating events
- Event Colors
- iCal or CSS feed
...what else shoud be included?

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